Business Case Development

Defining the strategic and business objectives, at the beginning of any project or programme, is paramount to enabling the success of that scheme. We offer a bespoke service that will objectively review your strategic and business drivers. We are expert authors in business case development and can provide a full portfolio of support to your process.

We look to identify the optimum solution for your investment, to give your organisation a clear direction of travel. We assess viability, affordability and achievability, and demonstrate benefits to stakeholders in a transparent fashion. We have a specialist group of consultants who are experts in the production of:

  • Strategic Outline Case
  • Project Initiation Document
  • Outline Business Case
  • Full Business Case

Our team is supported by sector specific specialists to ensure that your business case is embedded within the objectives of your organisation. We utilise our in-house skills to build models tailored to your specific requirements. We draw upon our extensive expertise across all aspects of the property and construction industry to inform the model, with inputs provided by other advisors as well as our internal benchmark data.

We work as independent advisers to offer objective advice on a robustly costed strategy, including life cycle and whole life value as part of an options appraisal process.