Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

What is a DEC?

Buildings accessed by the public, that receive funding from the public sector, with a floor area of 250 m2 or above are likely to require a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) to be in place. A DEC must be accompanied by a valid Recommendation Report which contains recommendations for improved energy efficiency and energy performance of the building. There are slight variances on the requirements depending on the size of the buildings, as detailed below:

  • Buildings over 1000 m2
  • The DEC is valid for one year and must be renewed annually
  • The Recommendation Report is valid for seven years
  • Buildings under 1000 m2 the DEC and Recommendation Report are both valid for a ten-year period

To comply with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, valid Display Energy Certificates must be displayed in a prominent location, and the Recommendation Report be available to review upon request. Organisations failing to comply with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations could lead to a fine of £500 per DEC’s and £1000 per Recommendation Report. The fine requires you still to produce a DEC and Recommendation Report and you can be fined multiple times.

A DEC shows the energy performance of a building by using an A-G rating system and how the building is performing. Our customers include; schools, academies, historic buildings, colleges, universities and hospitals.

How AA Projects can help

The certificates can only be produced by qualified and accredited energy assessors and we have a large team of accredited assessors that can provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service to produce DECs for all your applicable buildings. Our service includes the following:

  • Assess your estate and confirm which buildings fall under the directive
  • Work with you to collate all required information and data needed for assessment
  • Provision of a copy of the DEC for display and an electronic copy of the Recommendation Report
  • Submission of all documents to the government's central register

Benefits of our DEC Service

Our team of energy and sustainability consultants, low carbon consultants and chartered surveyors who have specialist knowledge of energy performance and environmental matters:

  • Provide bespoke advice around cutting energy costs and carbon emissions in your building
  • Will give guidance to improve future DEC ratings
  • Can assist with implementing energy saving projects that are highlighted in the Recommendation Report

For more information, contact the team.