Energy Procurement

With costs of energy fluctuating, do you know that your organisation is paying the best possible energy rates? Our experience to date is that some of our clients are not receiving best value from their energy supplier and there are significant savings to be gained by exploring alternative contracts.

How Can We Help?

Our dedicated energy and sustainability team will undertake a free assessment of your organisation’s energy spend. Our report will confirm:

  • whether your energy costs are in line with market rates
  • if there are any cheaper rates available to reduce your energy spend

AA Projects is experienced in finding cost effective solutions for clients. We will generally find annual savings of 20% or sometimes more. To verify if you are on the best rate, there will be no cost to your organisation. We will undertake a free assessment and if we identify savings and you chose to enter a new contract, will receive a small payment from the utilities company which is included within your tariff. There are no additional charges.

Our chartered energy and environmental consultants are leaders in the field of advising on and implementing sustainable low carbon solutions in a wide range of applications. We can assist in all aspects of energy, sustainability or environmental consultancy. We specialise in finding innovative ways for our clients to save energy, carbon and money.