Energy, Sustainability & Environment Statements

The Sustainability Statement forms a crucial part of any planning application. A well written sustainability statement can ensure a successful planning approval. These reports may take several names depending on your local planning authorities adopted terminology. Planners may use different terminology like ‘Energy Statement‘, ‘Sustainable Statement’ and Sustainability Checklist’ or similar.

Whatever the term, the aim of the report is to demonstrate how the developer will address specific local objectives from CO2 emissions and renewable energy targets to environmental issues. This may be achieved with better performing fabric, efficient services, renewable technologies and consideration of wider environmental factors onsite.

The statement will generally be prepared at pre-planning stage and accompany your application.

It is important to note that planning departments have very different policies and a report needs to be tailored to Local Authority requirements of your particular development.

What is a Sustainability Statement?

A sustainability statement is a report which demonstrates how a scheme will address core policies around sustainability, as set by your local authority. To determine which rules and guidance you need to follow. This information is normally contained the Local Authorities Core Strategy and Planning Guidance documents.

What is an Environmental Statement?

If required by a planning authority, an Environmental Statement sets out an assessment of the likely environmental effects of a proposed development. This can be a very brief report to a very lengthy document requiring significant specialist additional reports such as Habitat Surveys, Acoustic Surveys or Visual Impact Assessments and often depends on the size of the development. The planners normally are able to tell you what is required as part of the pre-planning consultation. The rule of thumb is the larger the development and the more sensitive the nature of the site the more information the planners will seek to re-assure them that an environmental impacts are kept to a minimum.

What is an Energy Statement?

Many Local Planning Authorities require an Energy and Sustainability Statement (or both) to be submitted as part of a planning application. The energy statement is often closely related to the Building Regulations as planners may for example require a 10% improvement over and above the building regulations Part L emissions in their local guidance. Similarly they may require a 10% requirement for renewable energy to supply your development or other policies affecting the way the building or development is proposed to operate. Such energy statements are prepared using energy modelling and require Low or Zero Carbon Feasibilities often incorporated into the one energy statement/report.

There can also be many other reports that the Planning Authority may require AA Projects can assist with such as Daylight Sunlight and Ground Contamination desk top reports.

Benefits of Our Specialist Planning Support Reports:

  • Simplifies the planning compliance process
  • Value for money
  • One company to deal with
  • Flexibility

AA Projects employs specialist energy, sustainability and environmental consultants who produce high quality, efficient tailored work to ensure compliance is achieved.

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