Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and BS8555

AA Projects can offer unparalleled experience and expertise in the implementation of environmental management systems. Our team has a high level of expertise in BS8555, ISO14001, EMAS and Ecocampus implementation and can help minimise the environmental impact of capital projects.

An effective environmental management system can be fundamental to reducing costs, ensuring legal compliance and managing the environmental risk. Real cost savings can be achieved through efficiencies in relation to energy, water, waste, purchasing and transport.

It can provide a valuable engagement process for staff and stakeholders and can assist with winning work and improving corporate image. The system can effectively demonstrate commitment and responsibility to key clients, regulators and the public. An EMS accredited certification helps to demonstrate your business’s compliance with supply chain requirements.

Our experienced team can provide advice on the most effective solution for your business from our range of environmental management services. Solutions can be tailored to meet individual client needs and budget constraints. Some of the leading schemes have been structured to be compatible and complementary with other mainstream standards (e.g. ISO 9001 Quality Standard).

Carbon Management Plans

  • Our carbon management services include:
  • Carbon management plan development
  • Updating existing carbon management plans including the baseline, current emissions and targets
  • Carbon foot-printing
  • Carbon reduction implementation plans
  • Assistance with the calculation of scope 3 indirect emissions

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