Expert Witness

Expert witnesses play a fundamental role within the UK’s judicial system by providing opinion/evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions. Expert witnesses may be asked to write a report or statement and be called to give evidence in a wide variety of legal forums.

AA Projects has in-house experts across all divisions with extensive experience of evaluating a construction defect/issue and then providing a detailed Civil Procedures Rules compliant report for use either in substantiating a claim or ultimately in court backed by expert witness evidence. As a leading provider of expert witness services, we are often recommended to take the role of joint expert witness acting impartially for both claimant and defendant to provide a trusted independent opinion to help guide the parties and court to a swift conclusion of the dispute.

Our experienced expert witness team is able to provide the following services:

  • In depth assessment of a construction defect or issue
  • A multi-disciplinary team that can advise on all issues under one report including:
    • Construction defects
    • Forensic cost consultancy
    • Forensic programming
    • Landlord and tenant issues such as dilapidation claims
    • Boundary disputes
    • Rights of light
    • Trespass, oversailing and party wall matters
  • On site evaluation of a defect or issue including guidance on detailed testing/opening up
  • Computer generated evaluation techniques
  • Independent, comprehensive and concise evaluation and report
  • Trusted court evidence
  • Detailed 3D computer modeling to generate daylight sunlight and overshadowing calculations

We have a proven track record of providing expert witness advice and reports that meet the needs of our clients leading to early resolution of disputes.