Independent Tester and Certifier Services

Our specialist independent certifier and tester team has been appointed on a wide range of PFI projects to ensure that the respective obligations of each party are met and that service availability is achieved in accordance with the requirements of the contract. We understand the significance of the independent role and have acted in such a capacity on a diverse range of schemes in the health, leisure, education and residential sectors.

Our approach is structured to deliver progressive sign-off throughout the project providing clarity regarding the status of both completed construction and design. Our systems and methodology have been refined over many projects and proven successful in de-risking service availability for all stakeholders. We aim to provide a clear route to practical completion throughout the life of the project which will contribute to significantly reduced compliance risk, improved construction quality and greater confidence in the construction programme.

Our team invests considerable time, at the start of each commission, to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the project documentation including the project agreement, authorities requirements and contractors proposals. Once familiar with the contract and project documents, we prepare a detailed service delivery methodology that clearly sets out how our team will undertake the checking/verifying process for the compliance of the design and installation, and also clearly identifying the supplementary documentation required from each party for the issue of the completion certificate.

Our clients appreciate our pro-active and flexible approach and many choose us as their consultant of choice on their projects. We produce reports that are clear, concise, impartial and presented using our summary risk-based ‘early warning” methodology. Our reports do not simply provide facts but will be backed up by our professional recommendations to help clients make informed decisions to optimise the success of the project.