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A new look for AA Projects

29 September 2021


Recognising our diversification and expansion in recent years we have updated our values and corporate identity

One of the pleasures of AA Projects in the four years I’ve been with the firm is the reception we receive from people who know us. For 18 years before my arrival the business had built up a strong network of supporters amongst peers, clients, and the wider industry.

After I joined the business, I would like to believe that we have grown that reputation by continuing the values that are embedded in our culture, diversifying our work across more sectors, and taking on an ever-growing share of responsibilities for our clients.

At the rate we are growing, around 20% annually, it felt like the right time to renew the vows we have with our colleagues and clients. To bring our ever-expanding community of consultants together around these principles, and rather self-indulgently add a splash of paint to our logo and visual identity.

With a new group of directors assembled, thanks to an MBO we undertook in 2018 we brought everyone together to discuss our culture and identity. Nothing was off the table, and we reflected on who we are to our clients, employees, and the communities we collectively serve.

We talked about the quality we strive to deliver in every commission. Of course we did, but when we go into that, what quality really means. About how the company culture was to listen to clients. Not just when we’re called into the room for a project. To really listen. To their objectives, their worries and what’s keeping them awake at night. To check in with them, and importantly to maintain open dialogue and make sure our delivery is fine tuned to their evolving needs.

About how we design every project solution around our clients and their stakeholders and end users. It’s what makes the project great.

The one value that really chimed is how every scheme is bespoke. A culture that defines our offer no matter what the job, no matter the scale. It makes us more adaptable. It makes AA Projects an exciting ride.

I’m so proud of the reputation that precedes us, and I know it’s all the work of my colleagues. I’m just the megaphone, but I hope you enjoy the new look of the brand and I hope it does justice to the tireless work of our staff.