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Promoting social value across the business

19 October 2022

As a business with a long history of working with public sector organisations we have always considered the social impact of our projects on the communities they serve. Creating value for communities is at the core of our work.

Since our formation there have been two major changes to social value on projects. What was once considered to be an economic measure for the value a project brings, the Social Value Act 2012 brought in policy change, looking for organisations to focus on social value outside of the core project drivers, and look to generate new benefits for communities.

When we talk social value today, what we mean is the additional support we can provide to communities outside of the scope of service detailed in our appointments.

We can tailor the support we bring to each client, look at the local drivers and Indices of Multiple Deprivation both locally and regionally. From this we collaborate with our clients to look at their missions and aspirations.

We are set up to meet both National TOMs and the Public Procurement Note 06/20. Our social value contributions often include time-based activities, volunteering our services; whether that is through fundraising, supporting community activities with additional pairs of hands, providing professional services to charitable organisations, or through training.
Outside of the voluntary work we allocate part of each year’s profits for charitable donations, our staff take part in an enormous range of sponsored charity events. We have, in partnership with a local College, established a bursary for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to be supported through their study.