Laser Scan Surveys

Our specialist surveyors are able to utilise the very latest laser scanning technology, to provide you with an accurate and reliable measured survey delivered to your specifications. The survey, utilising the very latest technology, captures in detail a real environment at a particular point in time. The geometric scan data, containing millions of measurements in 3D, is then registered to create a point cloud. The result is a highly accurate, high quality 3D digital presentation of a surveyed subject.

Our team provides national coverage and can survey an individual building or an entire estate. We employ leading edge, point cloud publishing software to enable the full value of dense point cloud data to be delivered to our clients and to be utilised by our teams for cost effective, virtual site visits.

Features and Benefits

The benefits of our laser scan surveys are:

  • It allows the 3D visualisation of the whole environment
  • Highly accurate information with points accurate to within 3mm
  • Once captured, the data can be used for a variety of applications including BIM models, Rights of Light / Daylight Sunlight analysis, Energy and Sustainability assessments etc
  • Enables virtual site visits
  • Reduces on-site survey and drawing times enabling quick response and delivery

Our experienced team has been involved in a range of innovative projects in a variety of sectors. We have experience of using the latest laser technology to scan elevations, facades, as well as whole built environments. Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of the client.