Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) Feasibility Studies

What is a Low or Zero Carbon Feasibility Studies?

Our renewable energy consultancy team can provide a wide range of bespoke renewable energy reports, whether you’re looking to discharge a planning condition, need advice on the most cost effective way to achieve building compliance or want to know how much energy a solar PV installation will generate on your development.

LZC Feasibility Study

This report assesses the feasibility of various LZC (Low or Zero Carbon) technologies for a particular development and advises on the most suitable technology for the site.

Renewable Energy Statement

This report is required to discharge certain planning conditions set by Local Authority Planning Departments. Conditions vary depending on the Authority but usually include either a 10% or 20% reduction in Carbon emissions through the use of on-site renewables. Some Authorities require that a percentage of the site energy demand is met by on-site renewables – the report can also satisfy this requirement.

Part L LZC Report

This report is required to help clients achieve compliance with Part L of the building regulations. AA Projects can also support compliance using SBEM and SAP software for Non-Domestic and Domestic Properties.

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