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30 July 2021

AA Projects delivers the first PPP Project review of its kind in Ireland

We are pleased to have worked with Norr Architects to deliver the first review of a PPP Project in Ireland during its operational period.

AA Projects worked extensively with the Department of Education and National Development Funding Agency to develop the methodology for the review to be used in future and deliver the first such review.

Previously many similar reviews have assessed only the construction period; however, this review considers the operational phase over some 18 years since construction. All aspects of the operation, management and deliver of the scheme were considered. Our expert team undertook compliance reviews, FM audits, lifecycle modelling, financial and design reviews of the schools over a period of 12 months. Extensive research was included; ranging from interviews with those managing the schools to assessment of the design suitability after a period of use. The reviews assessed the project against both industry norms and against a comparator set of schools constructed at the same time under a traditional procurement route.

The report has some key findings on the value for money achieved by PPP’s and the differences over longer timeframe between PPP/DBFO and Traditionally procured schemes. We’re very proud to have delivered this important piece of work.

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