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9 March 2020

AA Projects donates Six Thousand Pounds to Charity



AA Projects, awards six charities a share of £6,000. Alzheimer’s Society, Bliss, Brain Tumour Research (BTRS) across Yorkshire, British Heart Foundation, Millie’s Trust and the MS Society all received donations.

As part of their social value strategy, AA Projects asked staff to nominate charities, giving them the opportunity to choose causes close to their own hearts. The funds were allocated by a token-based voting system. The six charities were delighted by the news that they had received a share of the funds and four charities attended a celebration event at the Manchester head office to recieve their cheques.

Danielle Freeman, Community Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society in Greater Manchester said: “We are extremely grateful to AA Projects, as we’re facing an incredible challenge: one person every three minutes develops dementia and there is no cure. We’re here to change that but we need more people like AA projects to join us as we take on dementia together.”

The Alzheimer’s Society received the most tokens and collected £1,659.94 with Bliss benefitting from £1,227.67. The MS Society received £881.84, £864.55 was donated to the British Heart Foundation, BTRS benefitted from £709.93 and Millie’s Trust received £657.06.

Mark Simpson, Director, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to give these deserving causes a vital boost. At AA Projects we try to integrate social value into everything we do. From the projects we work on with schools, the NHS and residential properties that provide care, to initiatives like this one. We hope to grow the relationships with all the charities and plan to take up the training on offer and become a dementia friendly business.”

Nikki Hood, BTRS across Yorkshire Community Fundraiser said: “It was such a lovely surprise to have been nominated as one of the charities to receive a donation. The nomination was from a member of the Leeds team, George Oldridge who recently lost his stepfather to a brain tumour: a great character well-known by BTRS. It is a privilege for us to have made a difference, however small, to this family and so touching that they continue to raise money to help other families in the same boat.”