Risk Management

By providing our clients with a greater understanding of their risk exposure and an increased focus on proactive decision making, our clients typically experience improved levels of project performance, greater certainty of achieving objectives and more effective use of limited resources.

Our team is fully trained in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques to help us review, understand and analyse clients’ potential risks and ensure appropriate actions and processes are in place to mitigate them. We adopt a systematic approach to the identification, assessment and control of the significant risk factors affecting projects. Areas of high risk are reviewed to ensure that all reasonably practicable measures are taken to mitigate them. Cost effective risk mitigation measures are implemented, reviewed and managed to their close out. Our risk management processes include:

  • make risks explicit to allow rational commercial decisions to be taken
  • advise clients about risk allocation
  • achieve clear and unambiguous risk allocation through the choice of contract
  • reduce risk through a structured process of identify-analyse-respond
  • implement a process of transfer, accept, avoid, insure

Our team develops risk management action plans that address each risk by reducing, minimising or managing the risk. We review risk on an ongoing basis to help clients deliver pro-active risk management rather than a reactive risk response.