AA Projects is the leading independent consultancy involved in securing Salix finance. Our energy and sustainability consultants will undertake an initial assessment to establish suitable energy saving projects and prepare the application for funding. This includes calculating the payback periods for the chosen projects and managing any queries during the process. After successfully securing a loan, we are also able to manage the implementation phase through to successful completion.

Typical energy saving projects eligible for financing through the scheme includes:

  • New boilers
  • Upgrading insulation
  • Lighting improvements
  • IT improvements
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Combined heat and power

The funding could help you to:

  • Replace inefficient equipment
  • Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions
  • Replace old, outdated equipment at risk of failure
  • Help protect against future energy price rises

These updates will not cost you anything, as the equipment will be paid for through the energy savings delivered. The loan is interest free and requires no match funding. AA Projects has a 100% track record securing Salix funding and has previously helped organisations secure loans of more than £25 million.