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Sarah Butler, Associate Director

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AA Projects support local and national bodies through engagement with a number of client organisations including central government agencies, local authorities, devolved administrations, LEPs, PFI/PPP providers, facilities managers, and developers.

We help our clients unlock opportunities in their portfolios whether that be in the review of their fixed assets (micro-level) or through holistic masterplans (macro-level).

Our sector expertise can be broken down into five main focus areas:

1. Decarbonisation - Responding to the net-zero carbon initiatives and ambitions

2. Workplace Consultancy - Transforming workplaces to meet modern working requirements and the positive disruption caused by COVID-19

3. Better Use of The Public Estate - Rationalisation of Estates, Regenerating local high streets as part of the levelling up agenda

4. Support into organisations facing resourcing challenges - Assigning a member of our organisation to another organisation for a temporary period, Adding value and capacity into the public sector through Project Management Office (PMO).

5. Asset Management - Achieving best value from public sector assets and facilities.

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