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Mark Simpson, Director

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Demand on the NHS and healthcare system is at a premium. Being overloaded, the demand for services currently outweighs the capacity and capability. Consequently, we support our clients in the quest to overhaul the system, where we are able to deploy a wide array of professional services.

Driven by addressing the health needs of the population, aligned to a nationally led, locally delivered health and social care economy, we help to strategically improve health outcomes by developing whole system masterplans. Principal objectives include reducing demand for hospital and residential services, with intervention for prevention, promoting self-care and education through better use of information technology, pooled resources and budgets with collaborative working, implementing care closer to home solutions through deflection of activity away from the acute setting. This culminates in a built environment solution that is efficiently configured and more appropriate for use.

We have developed key relationships with our extensive client base and remained at the forefront of strategic directives. This enable us to shape our professional services that are bespoke to our client’s service transformation requirements, resulting in systematic re-design for suitably reconfigured built environment solutions.

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