The Carter Review

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The Carter Review stipulates that by April 2017 all Trusts are expected to have a plan to operate with a maximum of 35% of non-clinical floor space and 2.5% of unoccupied or under-used space. By April 2020 Trusts are expected to deliver against the targets.

In response to the Carter Review, the AA Projects health team is able to provide you with the expertise to measure productivity and space use within your Trust in order to develop a plan to achieve the required benchmarks. Our teams can produce validated data to enable accurate ERIC returns and can provide recommendations on changes that will meet the necessary requirements within the stipulated timescales. The data can also help your Trust to plan and future proof itself against changing NHS space requirements and definitions.

Our teams are able to prepare six-facet surveys which provide the baseline estates information required by HBN 00-08 (NHS EstateCODE). The six facet-survey comprises a combination of six separate surveys and reviews, which are carried out by specialised survey teams and auditors in a single site visit. The surveys will provide a data set upon which intelligent decisions about the future of an estate can be defined that meet the requirements of the Carter Review and provide consistency with the NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM), CQC assessments and the ERIC Returns.