Whole Life and Life Cycle Costing

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Over a typical lifetime of a building, the operational costs are likely to be four to five times greater than the construction cost. Decisions made during the design and construction phases of a project can have a lasting impact on the cost of operation of the facility.

The best opportunities to achieve significant cost reductions in life cycle costs occur during the early concept development and design phase of any project. At this time, significant changes can be made for the least cost. The further the project is within the design process it becomes less cost effective to implement change and it delivers fewer benefits. At later stages of the project many costs have become “locked in” and are not easily changed.

Our FM experts can analyse the design details of a project and provide technical advice to support delivering the lowest whole life cost for the facility.

The below chart shows the costs that should be considered within the lifecycle cost (LCC) study, and those wider costs and incomes that should be referred to as whole life costs (WLC).

LCC methodology is standardised by The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) under ISO 15686-5:2008.

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Whole Life Costing