Workplace & Site Inspections

Workplace and site inspections and on-going monitoring are undertaken by our team of specialists to ensure compliance with legislation and adherence to health and safety best practice.

Workplace Inspections

AA Projects, we can provide and manage your workplace monitoring requirements, either via physical inspections or by managing the monitoring process to ensure workplaces comply with legislation. We can also undertake audits of your office environment, identifying immediate and hidden dangers to your employees. Following this audit, we will then advise you on the course of action, be it removal of the hazard or recommended training.

Construction Site Inspections

We can provide a detailed site inspection service across the UK using our highly experienced advisors.

Our team can carry out full health and safety site inspections at one or all of your sites. The safety inspections would cover all the physical activities, as well as on site documentation. Full reports are produced in either hard or soft copy and would highlight observations made and hazards identified, the risk level and make recommendations necessary to ensure ongoing legal compliance.

The reports can be submitted electronically, however, handwritten reports can be issued on site if required at the time of the audit/inspection. We can also produce reports that contain a certain desired criteria, it can show trends and common faults, highlight training deficiencies and show a measurable fault/noncompliance ratio to enable us to monitor improvements.

Safety inspections of construction sites are essential in highlighting current issues and aid in looking forward to prevent future issues.